Friday, July 5, 2013

Places Where You Can Find My Abstract Art

I have been busy being an artist and working to get paintings posted.
By sponsoring the pages below, I have a way of promoting my paintings on that page.
I don't think anyone reading this will mind if I list some places you can visit my art. :-)
You can buy prints of the originals of my art and others at the following:

For abstracts in general - and mine too please visit abstract paintings abstract paintings

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Flora Bowley's Bloom True E-Course Review

Flora Bowley's Class on Fluid Beauty - Bloom True

Her new book on Blooming.
Today's shout out is about Flora Bowley and her wonderful online class Bloom True.

I recently took her 5 week class focusing on colors, imagery, intuition, in my
opinon, a fluid beauty.

Bloom True focuses on the individual allowing rather than forcing the beauty of their imagination and soul to permeate the canvass. Flora gives tips and exercises to help you get out of your own way and ease into a interactive song with your paints, hands, tools and heart.  Fluid motion.

There are two days a week of painting instruction, 4 other days of valued teaching on attitudes, fear, how to open up, where to find imagery, getting out of fear and into fearless, and how to stay inspired. Flora's unique style is captured in a host of videos, written instructions
and homework.  The homework is fun!!!

Now having given this review, I won't claim to be the best bloomer.  There are so many others in the class tho that NAILED the concept and have so much to share in this unique blend of color, shape and beauty. My personal style seems to be more "vivid" and without as much imagery, but I did try to give her a go. :-) (See some students work who are just like YOU below - absolute beauty!)

"summertime flora" - artist Harmony Thiessen
Although I cannot "Florize" as well as others, Flora's class made a great impression on my present state of mind while painting. Remembering to connect with my heart, staying open all day - not only in front of a canvass, the use of music, the marks, the layers...ah, I am blooming just thinking about it!

Maybe a bit more expensive than many online classes, Flora's class took some time for me to decide to purchase.  Having said that, after the class I would not alter my decision in any way and encourage you - if you want a daily discipline for 5 weeks that will transform your work - this is a great investment.

Lastly, and this cannot be promised to the next group, but my Bloom True Class of Early Summer 2012 has proven to be a host of new and wonderful friends. We formed a bond in Flora's private Facebook Group for Bloomers, that is ongoing every day- and we finished about 6 weeks ago I believe.  With Flora's energy behind it, we have become an encouraging, supportive and loving group of artists helping each other in any way we can.

I give Flora's class a 4 out of 5 Stars.  Truly a great experience.

You can learn more about Bloom True here.
NOTE: This is a non-biased review with no monetary compensation.

If you are a graduate of Flora's Class and would like to have one of your paintings shown here, please email the jpeg to  I will compile them over the next week and add to the post.  Here is a chance to show your stuff! (include credits - your name, name of painting if you have one, and your website link if you have one.)

Blooming True Summer 2012 Show What Can Happen With Some Flora In Your Life - all images are copyright with the artists. Please enjoy and share, but always giving credit to these amazing artists.  Thank you.

Lesley Fountain
"Shine Your Light"

Evie Zaccardelli

WINDFALLS - 28x20"

Shelly Penko
She Dreams In Color

Sandra Belegi
Garden of Hope

Rebecca Brooks

Monday, August 13, 2012

Falling Behind - Booming Forward

My revamped website - including Galleries, Harmony Art Blog and more!
I know - I have fallen behind big time in posting on Gutsy.  But I have some great reasons!

I have been painting like a wild woman, revamping my website completely, building another one, writing a new book, and even more.

It's just too much to try to catch up everything here...but I would like to start again from now. :-)

I have taken a few courses that have been really outstanding.  I will tell you more about that tomorrow.
For today, may I ask you to check out my new digs at ?

I'd appreciate your feedback - feel free to comment.

Till tomorrow
Be Gutsy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tips for June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tips - Creative Resources for Creative People

Loved this... thought you might like it too
Wow.  I was writing today's post and got an email from a great friend with a link on creativity in it.
What a great article outlining 4 of the biggest creativity killers! 

If you think creativity needs to keep you in the poor house - You might want to check out The Abundant Artist - usually a really good source of insightful and educational info to keep you prospering while you create.

Creative inspiration - LOVE.  What a great article by another writer I find very dependable for publishing thought provoking posts - Soul Meets World

Community, education and resource site for creative people - Creativity Portal

Enjoy!  Use what's useful, pass it along, leave comments and see you soon.
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