Gut Lingo

Gutsy Arts Lingo - The Basics

1. Gutsy means living from the gut - your inner place, voice, intuition, gut instinct.
2. Arts refers to the creative juice that inspires, ignites, comforts, consoles, instructs, denotes and symbolizes your truth.
3. A Gutsy Arts life means that you find a way every day (every moment?) to connect with your creative, powerful, gentle self, and change your regular day into a certain "magic" only you understand.
4. Deserve - a word we drop from our vocabulary.  We don't "deserve" or " not deserve".  Our creative self has nothing to do with what you do to earn a right.  Our creative juice is inherent and undeniable.  We can however suppress it when we try to be good enough, be better than,  or be the best.  HOOIE I say! 
5. We can dance, cook, clean, fix engines, lead organizations, go fishing, learn macrame, do dishes, paint, draw, ride a  bike, build a cabin, photograph, clean out get it...all while we experience the GUTSY ARTS life.
6. When we get true to our voice - and past the expectations, we become vital individuals who make a difference in the world through our daily interactions.
7. Gutsy Arts offers a myriad of ideas to get us past our self-imposed thinking and into a upside down, inside out, polka dot, wildly striped, calico kind of swagger - where life is fun, and even pain is met with authentic presence.

 Like I said, I am no expert...but holy cow, I GUTS lots to say!

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