Monday, May 28, 2012

Creative Types Allow for Messy Minds

Creative Types Allow For Messy Minds by Refusing to Judge to Quickly

Abstract Painting Harmony Thiessen
Abstract on Watercolor by Harmony Thiessen
Unlike our counterparts, those incredibly focused left brain people who help keep our business worlds profitable, and write and administrate the laws of the land, creative types often experience a messy mind - something along the lines of temporary chaos.

It's not that creativity flows when things are disorganized - many creative people need order to find their creative juice - it's more of a choice to allow for things to become disorganized if they choose to.  Those of us who work an or play in creative pursuits are often reminded that what we considered accidents, or mishaps become the tools or process or fodder for our best works.

Creative types need to understand that the subconscious mind or the influence of the cosmos  - may have a message to get through to our hands or minds or music - and they don't always use conventional thought for the delivery.

If we always relied on the facts to equal the outcome, we would not have cars or airplanes, light bulbs or computer hardware - somewhere along the line it gets messy...and sometimes that's where the magic lives.

Malcolm Gladwell, author of popular and thought provoking books The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers describes this consideration in the short video below.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Tip for Creatives for May 22, 2012

Tuesday Tips for Creatives - Resources to Keep You Creating - for the Week of May 22, 2012

This week's tips for creative people cover some essentials and focus on the fundamentals.

Creative Theory To Help You Identify Your Creative Strengths, Weaknesses and Tools to Improve
A slideshare presentation from Jason Theodore entitled Create More Better Different

How to Enter Your Work in Art Shows Would you like to share your claim to fame with recognized art awards?  To win em', you got to join em'! But if you have ever tried to apply for a juried competition, you have probably hit the wall more than a few times.  Here is a good cover list of how to prepare, what you need to do and when. 

Helpful Tips for Entering Art Shows, Juried Exhibitions & Competitions for Artists

Do You Have Trouble Writing Your Own Artist Statements, Twitter Notes, an Other Various Communications?  ArtyBullocks is perfect for you, and great for your outlook!
and be sure to say you don't like one and request another.  There is something for everyone.

Have you got a resource to share?  Feel Free!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Long Weekend Bliss

Enjoy the PURE BLISS of a Canadian Long Weekend

Living in Canada, I have become accustomed to a national rhythm of long weekends...or l...o...n...g...weekends!

Today is Victoria Day - which always falls on the MONDAY before May 25th - and the whole country enjoys a 3-day long weekend. Not so unlike neighbors in the US which celebrate a long weekend next weekend.  But believe me the similarities end Canada has found a way to celebrate a long weekend many times a year!  And in BC (British Columbia) we celebrate them all - and usually jump in on some American holidays, claiming it's tough to do business when the Americans are not at their desk. 

I have learned to appreciate the clever assortment of holidays and the strategic planning - insuring that holidays fall on Fridays or Mondays (normally) so that a long weekend - is a given!

  • There is Today for May - a long weekend.
  • and July 01 for Canada Day
  • And the first Monday in August - a long weekend
  • Sept is for Labor Day long weekend
  • Oct - Second Monday is Thanksgiving
  • November is Remembrance Day -
  • December is lots of Days around Christmas (except for Retail folk) and then Boxing Day - the day after Christmas
  • January - New Years Day
  • April - Easter Long Weekend...
  • Some provinces are now celebrating Family Day in February - I am sure BC will follow.

Here is the Magic

We don't just have holidays.  We celebrate them.  Not much with national pride (except for Remembrance Day which we take quite seriously) but with BLISS.

People close shops, go camping, visit family, sleep in, walk the dog, hit the beach, hang out at cafes, party on, - breathe.
I am so grateful they taught me to love long weekend Bliss.  It has created a rhythm for rest, and a environment for creative incubation and expression.

The notion that to be productive means to be in action every moment is NON PRODUCTIVE
Part of reproduction is incubation and I urge every reader to find or make time to incorporate the bliss of stepping back, sleeping in, slowing down and enjoying recuperation from the hectic mess of modern life.  Once done, jump in with both feet and paddle madly, but allow yourself to stop again and breathe often.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Gutsy`s Fabulous Friday May 18, 2012 - Jonas Gerard

What Makes Friday`s SO Fabulous?

Eye In Time
Fridays ROCK my world because they are memorable to me.

GREAT things happen on Fridays.

My whole adult life has allowed Fridays to be a check in for me.  How was the week, how are the people I know and love, how has the magic happened, how id I screw up, how did it work out, and where is the pizza?  (Pizza and a couple glasses of wine have been added to the Friday regime` over the last 10 years - a WELCOME addition!)

This week`s sample Fabulous Friday Shouts is:

1. I came back this week from being in Colorado with my kids....being there was just wonderful.  My life is SO enriched by all the time I spend with people I adore.
2. Coming home was good - Ginger was waiting for me BIG TIME. And honestly, I so look forward to her snuggled up next to me when we sleep.  I KNOW I KNOW...lame! But true none the same.
3. ART - can someone pinch me please? Since I decided to bring my artsy side to the light, and allow the art work to become my own, my life is enriched in miraculous ways EVERY DAY.  My lifelong obsession with different perspectives in how we see and feel things has found yet another way to express.
4. Friendships - I had another friend from years ago find me this week.  OMGoodness...Connections are so good, so delicious, so enriching to life.
5. I am vibrant, healthy, strong, - love the feeling!
6. I want to paint desperately today - but alas I have clients waiting for SEO work, and I must behave.  It`s the long weekend tho in Canada this week, and there will be a day set aside totally for creative indulgences!

I am so inspired by art - as I believe often the voice of LIFE can be heard better without the preoccupation of human preconditioned responses - and with that in mind I must show you one of my latest artist mentors...(he is not aware of the relationship! :-))))

Love to all my readerss, but especially YOU

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Creative Types and EVOLUTION

Creative Types in EVOLUTION, EVOLVING, Change

"Happy Street" SOLD   Prints for Sale
Can you stand the heat of change?  Just how flexible can you afford to be?  Are you Evolving?

I am so surprised, being kind of a lefty in politics, opinions, shopping choices, and lifestyle at just how RIGHT I can think I can be!

There is a  notion that things can ONLY be RIGHT or LEFT, BLACK or WHITE, but who is to say there is not a HOLY GREY option? :-)

More and more I see the value of stepping back, seeing things from different perspectives, looking for my blind spots, considering other people's genius.

For a liberal minded person, I can be quite conservative in:

1. How many no's I will take before quitting
2. How much I measure my worth COMPARED to another
3. How I adhere to my "just go with the flow" mantra and insist that TYPE A GOTTA DO MY WAY people are WRONG..

Creative Types are evolving - always in process, morphing, emerging, ....

As soon as you or I begin to settle in and say to ourselves we have it figured out..."there, done with that", life will surprise us with a new twist, a fresh angle, unexpected circumstances that challenge our stance.
Sometimes we need to stay put, and other times, like a snake, it's time to shed our skin and go for another round.

Watching young children go `round and  round until they are so dizzy they fall down reminded me I need to find the same smirk they have on their face when they let their heads be disoriented, and just go with it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tips for May 15, 2012

Gutsy Arts Tuesday Tips - Resources For Creative Prompts

Tuesday Tips for this week start with a resource to test your creative thinking and focusing on your problem solving skills.  I find that the very same openness to unusual connections in a painting or drawing is very similar to the openness required to solve complex problems. 
Creativity Quiz

Do you feel like a bit of inspiration for a indulgence into an hour in your studio - creating something.  Christy Tomilinson recently posted a short video of creating one of her mixed media beauties.  I share it with you here because I got such a kick out of the changes she made.  Several times I liked what she had and - "don't touch that!", but she did anyway, and of course it turned out looking great.  Christy offers great online courses, lots of free videos, and operates an online store for supplies.  There's lots more to learn about her, but I leave the exploration to you.  (Christy's art was just fefeatured in the latest Somerset mag for paper and mixed media)

Do you love photography?  Poetry? Maybe you are a whiz in the kitchen and known for unique recipes?
Do you dream of sharing your creative arts in a book but have no idea of how to get published?  You might want to check out Lulu for self publishing. You would be amazed at the possibilities in this field compared to a simple 10 years ago. 

Want more tips and resources?  Check out other editions of TUESDAY TIPS and subscribe to this blog for weekly resources to stir up your creative juices.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Creative Voice is Means Speaking Your Truth

Speaking the Truth From Your Creative Voice

I have been traveling the last couple days and getting settled in Colorado for a week.  It's always intersting to watch the world when you travel and look for your creative prompts.

I am probably overflowing with them at the moment, but with the days away I have lots of business stuff to catch up with.

SO, I wanted to share something with you that I read at kellyraeroberts.blogspotcom.  Kelly Rae is a creative inspiration and I always enjoy her journey.  This pic on a recent post of hers really inspired me.

I have so often tried to speak my truth to myself, and then chickened out.  I think before I can shout it to the world, I have to speak it to myself, which in my opinion is the hardest part.

Here are a few examples:
  • I am a middle aged woman.
  • I am most happy when I am a bridge.
  • I don't pay my bills on time sometimes - just because I want to feel I have the money in my pocket.
What about you?  Even when we tremble, the truth will set our souls free to be.
PS (Truth doesn't mean stuck.  It is true for us at the moment.)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fabulous Friday May 04, 2012

Gutsy Girl Fabulous Friday May 04, 2012

Weeks seem to fly by when you have Fabulous Friday's.  Seems the very act of accountability, helps your awareness in the process. Between Fabulous Friday's and Tuesday Tips - my awareness should rival the Buddha shortly....KIDDING!

Fabulous Friday is about what creativity we saw in our lives this past week - where we either allowed creativity, recognized we didn't allow it, shared it, stuffed it, sold it, bought it -doesn't really matter...
As long as we were in touch with our creative voice or motivations.

My Roundup

1. I finished (I think) my Gutsy Goddess of Compassion.  I know I could do other things with her, but right now I am just loving her simplicity and Grace.  She is not so much about Compassion to others, as she is about having the GUTS to be compassionate with yourself.
2.  I have worked like crazy on some creative brain storms for my SEO Small Business clients.
3.  Been studying my little brain away - taking a few courses in visual arts right now.
4.  I have tried to LISTEN to comments from people who care about me who have suggestions for how my life might be easier if I listened to them. :-)  (Thus the POLL - have you taken it?  Look to the right -maybe scroll up just a wee bit, of your screen)

\I could tell you a few things I haven't done - like kept my home clean this week, paid my bills on time, or run on my training schedule.  OH WELL- My Goddess Of Compassion says " Harmony - give yourself needed rest and love - us Goddesses don't need a perfect home to be happy!"  AND I SAY YAY to the Goddess in me!

How about you - where did you allow your creative juices to work with you this week?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do You Talk About Yourself?

Do You Talk About Yourself - Do you Blather On and On or Must Loved Ones and Friends PRY Your Story Out of You?

You can read the short story and why this has come up over at Goldenzen - (copy and paste into your browser

But if you want the short story look to the right of your screen and see the Poll.  I want to know how you view communicating stuff that is important to you.

In my life, I tend to hold back - and friends (even family) have confronted me on it.  SO, I decided to hear from you - what do you do?

Take the poll and after the 15th of the month when the poll is over (I am running it on both sites - here and Goldenzen), I will write about the answers in a post for all to read. (Funny and they said I don't share! :-) )

THANKS - and if you feel so inclined I would love for you to share the poll to your right or the poll at Goldenzen with your twitter and facebook family.  The more people we have answer the question, the better our results will be.  To make it simple for you here are the two URL's to use as a link for social media: Choose One - for GoldenZen - For This Post on GUTSY

GUTSY loves Juliet Simms

I Can't Help It - I LOVE Miss Juliet Simms from the Voice

I have little time for TV and even LESS time for "reality" shows that are so far from reality it is a joke!
But I can't help myself - GUTSY, The Gutsy Goddess to the right, GUTSY's puppy dog Ginger, and anyone GUTSY can influence - just has fallen in love with Juliet Simms.

Probably cause this girl has true artistic GUTS.  I feel so proud of her and although I banish the thought that I am caught up in "reality frenzy" - I want this girl to win the VOICE - I want her to put out a new album, and I WANT TO LISTEN TO HER AND ROCK OUT IN MY CAR.

Is it cause she reminds me of Janice J, or my youth, or courage - I don't know - but this girl ROCKS the house down - at least for me.

Here is a video of her last performance.  Vote for Juliet Simms! :-)  PS. Just to say, I pray for her too - that all this new found public love only helps to heal and move her forward, and not torment her and eat her up like so many others gone before her.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Tips

 Tuesday Tips -Creative Resources for May 01, 2012

Every creative person loves resources - a playground for the imagination. This edition of Tuesdays Tips include help in communicating online, help for business minded people in integrating creative skill into work, and free tutorials for those who really want to express themselves with visual arts. Enjoy!

  1. Creativity for Communication-If you have a blog or communicate online and want more readers, you might find this article helpful over at Problogger. It is a guest post on how to get people to listen to you. Although that is the title, I would actually suggest it's more about on how to be heard.  Getting people to listen is another study.  Great info tho.
  2. Creativity for Art Play - Art is Fun - if you are really new to art, or want to learn to play around with art - which is HIGHLY encouraged by the Gutsy Goddess (:-) then you might love this site.  The resources are free and there are some great tutorials.
  3. Creativity in Business - Take an assessment to find out how effective you are at using creativity in your day to day professional life - to solve problems, implement programs or make decisions.
Love to hear what you think.  Feel free to leave a tip of your own.