Mad Scientist

About Harmony - The Mad Scientist Behind Gutsy Arts 

I have studied and taught and lived creative - thinking acting, playing, cooking, singing, piano playing, (tried violin...I had the guts, but the neighbors were WEAK :-), traveling, lovemaking, painting, drawing, quilting, sewing, designing, teaching, etc... 

I can find a solution, get an answer, hear my passion, know my feelings, unearth my own obstacles, just by allowing myself to be GUTSY and using creative expression to hear the voice that matters most - my own.

Besides all that, I have traveled most of the world, started several businesses, lost in life on things that really matter, lost some things that I thought mattered only to find out I was lost in them, raised my kids, and now working on raising myself.  I am the devoted human companion of Ginger Thiessen, a Golden Retriever from heaven.

I am in love with the process of creativity and the moments that lead up to, and follow the exquisite pleasure of creative voice and expression.  Thanks for joining me on my journey.  I have so much to learn with you.

You can access some of my other websites from the Connect page.  

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