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Harmony Thiessen : Workshop, Retreat and Conference Presenter

I offer Inspirational and motivational presentations for people looking to find their creative voice, their expression, the internal jam it takes to climb out of ordinary into magnificent...on a daily basis.

I have over 3000 speaking gigs behind me, have traveled in 18 countries speaking to crowds large and small, and I love working with any size group.

I will share insight, laughter, interaction, stories, and exercises to integrate what people hear in the presentation into their lives and creative practice.

Your audience will learn to play - to see themselves differently - and to use that ability to see the world differently.  A great compliment to your next retreat, workshop or conference. Having taught creative problem solving, decision making, relationship building and creative awareness - I can blend the colors of art and life into a compliment to your lively canvas.

Learn more about me at http://HarmonyThiessen.com

I travel from Vancouver BC, Denver Colorado, and Seattle WA.  I am American and can easily present in either country. 

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