Monday, August 13, 2012

Falling Behind - Booming Forward

My revamped website - including Galleries, Harmony Art Blog and more!
I know - I have fallen behind big time in posting on Gutsy.  But I have some great reasons!

I have been painting like a wild woman, revamping my website completely, building another one, writing a new book, and even more.

It's just too much to try to catch up everything here...but I would like to start again from now. :-)

I have taken a few courses that have been really outstanding.  I will tell you more about that tomorrow.
For today, may I ask you to check out my new digs at ?

I'd appreciate your feedback - feel free to comment.

Till tomorrow
Be Gutsy!

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  1. I think your site is fantastic! :) I really love how you set everything up. Gorgeous!


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