Friday, June 22, 2012

Turn Today into a Fabulous Friday

How to Turn a Friday into Fabulous

As we get older we can forget how to turn our days from "whatev" to "wow."

We have seen it, been there, found it, lost it, bought it, sold it.  So what's new to make a day so fabulous?

This is where creative genius comes to play. You have the power to turn your day into whatever you want.

Don't go there!
Don't give me the same song and dance I heard last weekend at a dinner party.  The whole thing turned nasty when we got into a discussion about just how long can we hold on to injustice. How long do we (or those who wronged us) have to pay till we can be happy again?

The choice about FABULOUS is all between our ears. 
One person sees the clouds and thinks "crap! more rain."  A creative Fab Friday chap thinks "looks like I will find something to do with rain today."

It's just how we see things.  

If you see yourself as a person who can create what you want - you will.   If you see yourself as a person who is at the mercy of things as sketchy as the weather, or the mood of your co-workers, or the economy that is being effected by global factors you have no control over - you will miss the FAB in the FRIDAY.

When my lovely golden retriever leaves a room, or setting, or prepares for a new thing to happen, she shakes her body from one end to the other.  It's like (besides a hair party!), she decides that what just was is OVER, and what's new is waiting to be embraced.  I have learned so much from that action. 

I don't know about you, but I love to cook.  I don't enjoy having to run to the market to pick up the two ingredients that are missing.  So, I have made a habit over many years of cooking, to take what I have a make up stuff.  WOW.  Sometimes it is soooooooooo tasty.  Other times, maybe not so much. I am usually surprised by what can be done, if I am forced through circumstance to mix it up and play with new ideas.

That's what makes FRIDAYS FABULOUS.  
Take what you have - and mix it up - and find your pleasures within it.
Catch yourself when you start telling yourself in your head: "so much to do,"  or "so boring," or "so broke."
If you have so much to do - what can you throw in that will add some fab? Oftentimes for me, I will find a way to include a trip to Starbucks or Dairy Queen.  I can grab my sketchbook and start drawing for 10 minutes. And if I am really pressed for time - dancing with a tune, and I mean really dancing, can shake off even the most stressful moment and leave me feeling - Fabulous.

If you are bored - mix it up - shake yourself and and do something completely different -with what you have. If you are sitting in an office doing the same old mundane crap, connect with someone at the office and have some fun, or go for a walk at lunch (instead of doing your same routine) and visit your favorite spots or better yet a new one.  If you are broke - WOW, I can attest from many experiences that some of my best creativity comes when I think I don't have what I need to be happy. 

Lastly, I gotta say, my best way to turn a Friday into Fabulous is to think of something I could do to give to someone else - to make a Friday Fabulous for them.  Thus, this blog post.

FABULOUS FRIDAYS are yours to enjoy.  What can you do with yours?

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