Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Back in the Saddle and a Little Sore From the Ride

I have felt so sick for the past two weeks - that even tho I work from home and make money when I make clients happy - I was not able to work, or do much of anything. 
Every day I went to bed thinking - tomorrow I will wake up right as rain...but alas, it dragged and so did I.

Today I feel as tho I am finally coming to life.  I thought I might share a couple of people who showed up on my canvass lately.

This gal to your left - she is the orphan matron that I met 20 years ago when working in The Soviet Union.  She was harsh, dedicated, cold, heartless ( I felt so anyway) and consistent.  I thought I had forgotten her, but I guess in my feverish state, she came for a visit.

I actually like her A LOT.  But I think its probably due to the memories.

Then there is the woman who came to visit recently when I was working on painting "cotton candy girls".
Although none of my CCGirls seem to look to cotton candy like, she takes the
Cake!  She is middle aged, tired, but look at her body!  In my chills and delirium
I think I fancied a bust line and less belly.  What a look!
She is drawn with india ink on acrylic ink and glaze substrate.

Really grateful to be feeling better.  ( So is my paintbrush I am sure!)

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  1. Lol! But she's so much fun even though she doesn't look like it. :) Hope you're feeling better soon. :)


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