Monday, May 28, 2012

Creative Types Allow for Messy Minds

Creative Types Allow For Messy Minds by Refusing to Judge to Quickly

Abstract Painting Harmony Thiessen
Abstract on Watercolor by Harmony Thiessen
Unlike our counterparts, those incredibly focused left brain people who help keep our business worlds profitable, and write and administrate the laws of the land, creative types often experience a messy mind - something along the lines of temporary chaos.

It's not that creativity flows when things are disorganized - many creative people need order to find their creative juice - it's more of a choice to allow for things to become disorganized if they choose to.  Those of us who work an or play in creative pursuits are often reminded that what we considered accidents, or mishaps become the tools or process or fodder for our best works.

Creative types need to understand that the subconscious mind or the influence of the cosmos  - may have a message to get through to our hands or minds or music - and they don't always use conventional thought for the delivery.

If we always relied on the facts to equal the outcome, we would not have cars or airplanes, light bulbs or computer hardware - somewhere along the line it gets messy...and sometimes that's where the magic lives.

Malcolm Gladwell, author of popular and thought provoking books The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers describes this consideration in the short video below.

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