Friday, March 23, 2012

The Creative Nag

Use the Creative Nag to Your Advantage
One of the ways to hear your creative voice is to listen to your inner creative nag.  You know what I am talking about, that urge you have somewhere inside.  You can usually recognize it by the effort you use to suppress it.

The creative nag is the feeling you get when you have a still moment, the idea that repeats itself when you are lost in thought.  You might drive by a golf course every day to and from work and for a fleeting moment see yourself as an instructor, but it fleeting because it's nonsense - or so you tell yourself.

You may find the nag when you are on vacation.  While you sip your Margarita and look at the kids playing by the water, you gently rub the sand off your legs and think, " I really should have followed through on that house in the country, I so miss this sense of calm and well-being."  But immediately that thought is cast aside, Lord knows you could NEVER afford that house.

The creative nag is gentle but persistent.  Repetitive even.  She seems to think she deserves to be heard, or more so - needs to be heard.

Questions and Creative Nags
Oftentimes you will find your creative nagging, urging, prompting comes in the form of questions.
 "Why don't you paint a tree"?
 To which you promptly reply, I am not good at painting.
"Where could you find a good resource to help you solve this problem?"
To which you promptly reply, I am not comfortable asking for help.

The creative nag is there to help you REACH UP, REACH OUT, REACH BIG

Today's Exercise: What's Nagging at you?  What voice are you quickly dismissing?  What's the nugget in there that wants to be heard - wants to help you GROW, expand,fly?
PS  Please note my gutsy art for today.   It's not exactly a Monet!  But my creative nag  has been urging me to do a series on trees, trees and words, trees and color, trees and gemstones, trees!  So I started today with my oil crayons...  I feel light now.  Not cumbersome.  Thanks to the nag!

Comment about your nag and your experience with her (him)....
I would like to hear your take on it.

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