Thursday, March 22, 2012

Creative People Kinda Itch

Itching to Get out of a Rut?
If you feel that hankering, uneasiness, restless, unsure feeling about your decision, your choice, your dream, your just might have the Creative Hives.  Creative people kinda itch sometimes.

When my son was 6, our family took a summer evening stroll corner store.  I was playing with the kids, and doing some hide and seek .  Out of NOWHERE known, but so loud it was thunder I heard these words "get Joshua away from the street."

I didn't.  I didn't trust myself because I knew I had a fear about the kids and cars on the road.  I thought it was fear speaking.

Moments later, Joshua was hit, and we fought for his life.  (He turned out great!)

I had creative instinct, gutsy chatter, but I didn't know it clear enough to listen.

The same can be said when you run out of an ingredient for dinner and you need to improvise.  When you do that, you are practicing your creative muscle - the one that tunes into somewhere deep, and finds the answer you need.

But we get crusty.  Tuned out. Turned off. Rigid. Vanilla.

GUTSY ARTS is about the ability to stir up inside yourself your awesome voice.

Travel with me.  Let's learn together.

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Are you itching yet?

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