Saturday, March 31, 2012

They Can't All Be Sunny Days

Sunny Days May Be Overrated

Journal page after successive rainy days :-)
I know we love sunny days.  We feel alive, warm, fun, friendly - positive.
But there is lots to be said for rainy days:
  1. I get to think COZY thoughts
  2. I get to layer my clothes
  3. The air smells clean
  4. My Puppy loves the rain
  5. I live in a RAIN forest - ah DUH!
  6. Rain helps things GROW
  7. Rain makes me look forward to sunny days
  8. Rain is cleansing
  9. Rain is wet, wide, expansive
  10. Rain is what I see it to be.
As is life.

"Here comes that rainy day feeling again".... and I see potential.

Creative people are alchemists.

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