Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creative Guts - Gutsy Arts

I have not always had the courage to take my artsy creativity out to the public - that's cause I thought I needed to be an artist to give me the credibility to share on creative thinking, feeling and splashing about. Wrong.
Gutsy Arts is about a way of life
Living gutsy is more than spreading paint or ink around, more than molding and sculpting and knitting a row.  Living gutsy is an ART FORM.  It is a process, a philosophy, a passion for living like every day matters, and to be able to FEEL something...(even something uncomfortable) every day.  When you live near your creative edge, there is some excitement, some mystery - a question that begs to be answered.  But then again, just having the question feels vivid and alive.
It may include paint or wood, or plaster or spice - creative juice may make words fly on a page or a wall- but in truth, it's the vital aliveness we are after- and the rest, is GRAVY. 
So join me on the journey - no guts- no glory! 
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