Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creative Practice in 15 Minutes a Day

Creative Practice as a Daily 15 minute Commitment

I challenge you to make 15 min a day every day - about creating. A Creative Practice.  It doesn't take much let me tell you - once you decide you won't live without it.

You don't need to paint or draw (but you can).  You can write a song, a poem, create a recipe, create a design for a part of your garden, rethink a color scheme for the family room, come up with a new outfit, without buying any new items, think of ways to recycle your used household items, find a new route to work, write a love letter...

The choice is yours - to be, or not to be, creative today.

Think about a tough situation you are in - write down 10 possible solutions - NO MATTER HOW RIDICULOUS.  Address a relationship issue in your journal - write down many different outcomes.

Write a short story about the life you want. Take some photographs.  Dream about upcoming holidays and what you will do, or see, or explore.

Make a new friend, play in mud, climb a tree.

DO or be or act or think outside your own box - for 15 min a day.

In 10 days, come back and tell me you haven't had a thrill or You didn't have a feeling of vitality.

What you are missing - today, in life, in yourself,...

Is your power, your creative ability to change things.

DO it!

Love to hear your comment...

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