Monday, April 2, 2012

Picasso's Memo

Picasso's Memo - Legendary Art

Picasso Portrait of Ambroise Vollard
Public Domain as offered by WP Clip Art
"I do not evolve.  I am"
I can hear a raging philosophical debate.
I don't really care about my opinion or yours - as we tend to focus on the words and argue from spiritual "truths" to semantics. The words of Legendary Art are carved in history.

Let's be creative and listen.

What is being said beyond the blocks of our thinking?
How does the message impact your decisions today?
Who are you with the intention of these words?

How do you feel?
What do they convey to your breath?  Did it speed up?  Did you choke?

Dear ones, this is the road to your creative self.  The road as some might say, less traveled. (with all due respect to M.Scott Peck)

I am alive with possibility.

Your comments are welcome.

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