Friday, May 18, 2012

Gutsy`s Fabulous Friday May 18, 2012 - Jonas Gerard

What Makes Friday`s SO Fabulous?

Eye In Time
Fridays ROCK my world because they are memorable to me.

GREAT things happen on Fridays.

My whole adult life has allowed Fridays to be a check in for me.  How was the week, how are the people I know and love, how has the magic happened, how id I screw up, how did it work out, and where is the pizza?  (Pizza and a couple glasses of wine have been added to the Friday regime` over the last 10 years - a WELCOME addition!)

This week`s sample Fabulous Friday Shouts is:

1. I came back this week from being in Colorado with my kids....being there was just wonderful.  My life is SO enriched by all the time I spend with people I adore.
2. Coming home was good - Ginger was waiting for me BIG TIME. And honestly, I so look forward to her snuggled up next to me when we sleep.  I KNOW I KNOW...lame! But true none the same.
3. ART - can someone pinch me please? Since I decided to bring my artsy side to the light, and allow the art work to become my own, my life is enriched in miraculous ways EVERY DAY.  My lifelong obsession with different perspectives in how we see and feel things has found yet another way to express.
4. Friendships - I had another friend from years ago find me this week.  OMGoodness...Connections are so good, so delicious, so enriching to life.
5. I am vibrant, healthy, strong, - love the feeling!
6. I want to paint desperately today - but alas I have clients waiting for SEO work, and I must behave.  It`s the long weekend tho in Canada this week, and there will be a day set aside totally for creative indulgences!

I am so inspired by art - as I believe often the voice of LIFE can be heard better without the preoccupation of human preconditioned responses - and with that in mind I must show you one of my latest artist mentors...(he is not aware of the relationship! :-))))

Love to all my readerss, but especially YOU

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  1. thank you Harmony for this lovely post and for this absolutely inspiring video - it has made my day!

    Glad you had fun in Colorado!

    Love, Violette


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