Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tips for May 15, 2012

Gutsy Arts Tuesday Tips - Resources For Creative Prompts

Tuesday Tips for this week start with a resource to test your creative thinking and focusing on your problem solving skills.  I find that the very same openness to unusual connections in a painting or drawing is very similar to the openness required to solve complex problems. 
Creativity Quiz

Do you feel like a bit of inspiration for a indulgence into an hour in your studio - creating something.  Christy Tomilinson recently posted a short video of creating one of her mixed media beauties.  I share it with you here because I got such a kick out of the changes she made.  Several times I liked what she had and thought....no...no - "don't touch that!", but she did anyway, and of course it turned out looking great.  Christy offers great online courses, lots of free videos, and operates an online store for supplies.  There's lots more to learn about her, but I leave the exploration to you.  (Christy's art was just fefeatured in the latest Somerset mag for paper and mixed media)

Do you love photography?  Poetry? Maybe you are a whiz in the kitchen and known for unique recipes?
Do you dream of sharing your creative arts in a book but have no idea of how to get published?  You might want to check out Lulu for self publishing. You would be amazed at the possibilities in this field compared to a simple 10 years ago. 

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  1. Hi Harmony,

    These are all great tips for the creatively inspired.Thanks to the internet, the possibilities are endless. Thank you for being a light of inspiration.

  2. You are kind to say so..thanks Alexys!


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