Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Creative Voice is Means Speaking Your Truth

Speaking the Truth From Your Creative Voice

From http://kellyraerobers.blogspot.com
I have been traveling the last couple days and getting settled in Colorado for a week.  It's always intersting to watch the world when you travel and look for your creative prompts.

I am probably overflowing with them at the moment, but with the days away I have lots of business stuff to catch up with.

SO, I wanted to share something with you that I read at kellyraeroberts.blogspotcom.  Kelly Rae is a creative inspiration and I always enjoy her journey.  This pic on a recent post of hers really inspired me.

I have so often tried to speak my truth to myself, and then chickened out.  I think before I can shout it to the world, I have to speak it to myself, which in my opinion is the hardest part.

Here are a few examples:
  • I am a middle aged woman.
  • I am most happy when I am a bridge.
  • I don't pay my bills on time sometimes - just because I want to feel I have the money in my pocket.
What about you?  Even when we tremble, the truth will set our souls free to be.
PS (Truth doesn't mean stuck.  It is true for us at the moment.)


  1. What a great question!

    My answers:

    1. I want to be successful doing what I love

    2. I am so tired of having to push through the struggle of not giving up.

    3. I will perservere!

  2. Thanks Robin..Truth honestly set's us free!


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