Monday, May 21, 2012

Long Weekend Bliss

Enjoy the PURE BLISS of a Canadian Long Weekend

Living in Canada, I have become accustomed to a national rhythm of long weekends...or l...o...n...g...weekends!

Today is Victoria Day - which always falls on the MONDAY before May 25th - and the whole country enjoys a 3-day long weekend. Not so unlike neighbors in the US which celebrate a long weekend next weekend.  But believe me the similarities end Canada has found a way to celebrate a long weekend many times a year!  And in BC (British Columbia) we celebrate them all - and usually jump in on some American holidays, claiming it's tough to do business when the Americans are not at their desk. 

I have learned to appreciate the clever assortment of holidays and the strategic planning - insuring that holidays fall on Fridays or Mondays (normally) so that a long weekend - is a given!

  • There is Today for May - a long weekend.
  • and July 01 for Canada Day
  • And the first Monday in August - a long weekend
  • Sept is for Labor Day long weekend
  • Oct - Second Monday is Thanksgiving
  • November is Remembrance Day -
  • December is lots of Days around Christmas (except for Retail folk) and then Boxing Day - the day after Christmas
  • January - New Years Day
  • April - Easter Long Weekend...
  • Some provinces are now celebrating Family Day in February - I am sure BC will follow.

Here is the Magic

We don't just have holidays.  We celebrate them.  Not much with national pride (except for Remembrance Day which we take quite seriously) but with BLISS.

People close shops, go camping, visit family, sleep in, walk the dog, hit the beach, hang out at cafes, party on, - breathe.
I am so grateful they taught me to love long weekend Bliss.  It has created a rhythm for rest, and a environment for creative incubation and expression.

The notion that to be productive means to be in action every moment is NON PRODUCTIVE
Part of reproduction is incubation and I urge every reader to find or make time to incorporate the bliss of stepping back, sleeping in, slowing down and enjoying recuperation from the hectic mess of modern life.  Once done, jump in with both feet and paddle madly, but allow yourself to stop again and breathe often.

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