Thursday, May 17, 2012

Creative Types and EVOLUTION

Creative Types in EVOLUTION, EVOLVING, Change

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Can you stand the heat of change?  Just how flexible can you afford to be?  Are you Evolving?

I am so surprised, being kind of a lefty in politics, opinions, shopping choices, and lifestyle at just how RIGHT I can think I can be!

There is a  notion that things can ONLY be RIGHT or LEFT, BLACK or WHITE, but who is to say there is not a HOLY GREY option? :-)

More and more I see the value of stepping back, seeing things from different perspectives, looking for my blind spots, considering other people's genius.

For a liberal minded person, I can be quite conservative in:

1. How many no's I will take before quitting
2. How much I measure my worth COMPARED to another
3. How I adhere to my "just go with the flow" mantra and insist that TYPE A GOTTA DO MY WAY people are WRONG..

Creative Types are evolving - always in process, morphing, emerging, ....

As soon as you or I begin to settle in and say to ourselves we have it figured out..."there, done with that", life will surprise us with a new twist, a fresh angle, unexpected circumstances that challenge our stance.
Sometimes we need to stay put, and other times, like a snake, it's time to shed our skin and go for another round.

Watching young children go `round and  round until they are so dizzy they fall down reminded me I need to find the same smirk they have on their face when they let their heads be disoriented, and just go with it.

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