Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Tips

 Tuesday Tips -Creative Resources for May 01, 2012

Every creative person loves resources - a playground for the imagination. This edition of Tuesdays Tips include help in communicating online, help for business minded people in integrating creative skill into work, and free tutorials for those who really want to express themselves with visual arts. Enjoy!

  1. Creativity for Communication-If you have a blog or communicate online and want more readers, you might find this article helpful over at Problogger. It is a guest post on how to get people to listen to you. Although that is the title, I would actually suggest it's more about on how to be heard.  Getting people to listen is another study.  Great info tho.
  2. Creativity for Art Play - Art is Fun - if you are really new to art, or want to learn to play around with art - which is HIGHLY encouraged by the Gutsy Goddess (:-) then you might love this site.  The resources are free and there are some great tutorials.
  3. Creativity in Business - Take an assessment to find out how effective you are at using creativity in your day to day professional life - to solve problems, implement programs or make decisions.
Love to hear what you think.  Feel free to leave a tip of your own.

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