Friday, May 4, 2012

Fabulous Friday May 04, 2012

Gutsy Girl Fabulous Friday May 04, 2012

Weeks seem to fly by when you have Fabulous Friday's.  Seems the very act of accountability, helps your awareness in the process. Between Fabulous Friday's and Tuesday Tips - my awareness should rival the Buddha shortly....KIDDING!

Fabulous Friday is about what creativity we saw in our lives this past week - where we either allowed creativity, recognized we didn't allow it, shared it, stuffed it, sold it, bought it -doesn't really matter...
As long as we were in touch with our creative voice or motivations.

My Roundup

1. I finished (I think) my Gutsy Goddess of Compassion.  I know I could do other things with her, but right now I am just loving her simplicity and Grace.  She is not so much about Compassion to others, as she is about having the GUTS to be compassionate with yourself.
2.  I have worked like crazy on some creative brain storms for my SEO Small Business clients.
3.  Been studying my little brain away - taking a few courses in visual arts right now.
4.  I have tried to LISTEN to comments from people who care about me who have suggestions for how my life might be easier if I listened to them. :-)  (Thus the POLL - have you taken it?  Look to the right -maybe scroll up just a wee bit, of your screen)

\I could tell you a few things I haven't done - like kept my home clean this week, paid my bills on time, or run on my training schedule.  OH WELL- My Goddess Of Compassion says " Harmony - give yourself needed rest and love - us Goddesses don't need a perfect home to be happy!"  AND I SAY YAY to the Goddess in me!

How about you - where did you allow your creative juices to work with you this week?

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