Wednesday, May 2, 2012

GUTSY loves Juliet Simms

I Can't Help It - I LOVE Miss Juliet Simms from the Voice

I have little time for TV and even LESS time for "reality" shows that are so far from reality it is a joke!
But I can't help myself - GUTSY, The Gutsy Goddess to the right, GUTSY's puppy dog Ginger, and anyone GUTSY can influence - just has fallen in love with Juliet Simms.

Probably cause this girl has true artistic GUTS.  I feel so proud of her and although I banish the thought that I am caught up in "reality frenzy" - I want this girl to win the VOICE - I want her to put out a new album, and I WANT TO LISTEN TO HER AND ROCK OUT IN MY CAR.

Is it cause she reminds me of Janice J, or my youth, or courage - I don't know - but this girl ROCKS the house down - at least for me.

Here is a video of her last performance.  Vote for Juliet Simms! :-)  PS. Just to say, I pray for her too - that all this new found public love only helps to heal and move her forward, and not torment her and eat her up like so many others gone before her.



  1. I actually watch only auditions. I think those are pretty authentic but I'm not too kin on them afterwards when they have to perform. I guess I can't handle the stress. :))I like her voice. It's kind of rock-ish. :))

    1. You and me both. Most of the time it seems like a total waste of time. Not sure how I got taken in this time...WAIT..I do know, I heard Juliet audition and right from the git go I wanted her to win big time. Not sure why she struck such a chord with me.


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