Monday, April 30, 2012

Creative Type Series - Who Do You Hang With?

Creative Types Hang Out With Creative Types!

If you want to be more of something, immerse yourself in it .Creative types need other creative people to stir them on - some more than others, but EVERYONE needs the community of others to foster individual growth.  It's a human condition!

For over a year I have looked at this photo to remind me you don't need to be complicated to be creative! Its just simple fun, but works for me
We all know if you want to keep our kids on a path for success - keep them from kids on a path to nowhere.

If you want to be a football star, hang out with other big burly guys or quick sprinter dudes who like leather balls that go from side to side. :->

If you want to sing in the opera, your spare time won't work for you in the casino.

Where and with whom you associate has a lot to do with how creative you think.

You Are What You Eat! 


Creative people foster creativity through association.  The more you read, listen to, talk with and observe other creative people, the more you encourage your own imagination and challenge your comfort zone.

No one is an island and we sharpen our skills through the community of others.  If you are having any blocks or creative listlessness, it often helps to:
  • visit an art museum
  • take an online workshop
  • take a community workshop on a creative topic
  • watch shows on TV that teach creative skills or demonstrate others creativity
  • loan out some books from the library on art forms in your genre - or those completely outside it.
  • call a friend who shares a love for creativity and have coffee, share idea, look at projects, plan to work on something together even!
  • grab your camera, go to the park or any public space and let the activities of others awaken your creativity - especially children.
  • Really listen to a great series of music - pay attention to the creative use of space, time, and interplay.
Creative types will feel ill at ease, unhappy, depressed even, if something creative isn't happening in their world. If you sense yourself lagging, rev yourself up a notch by allowing the ideas of others stimulate your thirsty soul.

Got some creative inspiration tips?   We only scratched the surface here - what do you do to get your mojo going?

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Check back tomorrow for TUESDAY TIPS - for resources to help you on your creative journey.
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  1. Funny! I was just thinking about this kind of thing over the attracts like and so mentioned having coffee with a fellow kindred creative spirit-hmmmm. I predict this for us in the near future!

  2. Hi Harmony,

    I find nature to be the biggest inspiration for creativity. I love watching and hearing birds. They all have a unique song and their colors are amazing. The mandarin duck is so beautiful with it's multi colors, so are peacocks, parrots, orioles, etc. If I were a painter, I would paint birds. Creativity is a direct result of imagination.


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