Sunday, April 15, 2012

Are You the Creative Type?

Are You the Creative Type?  Check Points to Discover Your Creative Quotient

Like many people you may wonder if you are the creative type - if you could ever create a painting, build a dune buggy without a guide,  start an vineyard out of a field of dry dead looking earth, whip up a meal out of a few veggies, or write a book out of some off-beat inspirations you received while dreaming dreams you don't dare mention in public.

Today we begin a series of posts on Creative Types - helping you identify indicators more common in "creative types".  Just because a person is potentially creative however, does not mean they are in fact, allowing creativity to flourish in their life.

Read it and let it simmer on the back burner of your mind - ask yourself some questions, but don't try to force the answer.  Just listen to yourself when your "self" is talking. Typically this happens when you least expect it - like driving, cleaning, walking, showering, sleeping, napping, etc

Checkpoint #1-Creative Type People May Get Bored with Routine

Creative types usually do something a bit differently just for the fun of it.  They are not always concerned that things be done the way they are always done, that they take the same route they always take, that they use the same ingredients the recipe calls for, or wear the same outfit with the same shoes.
They may change careers more often than most, get bored with sex the same way every time, even mix it up and enjoy a debate - especially if they can represent the point of view they don't personally embrace.

Important Note - Seemingly contradictory are the habits of highly creative people - who by nature often create rituals or routines with which to build the discipline around their creative lives. That is a practice to enhance creative ability and flow and not the topic of this series. Our point today is to recognize the restlessness of people who want to create, and perhaps do not have the outlets to do so, which may result in boredom and an apparent thirst for adventure.

So What About You?

That's it.  Let this simmer on your minds back burner and don't worry about it.  Well talk more next time.

Got comments or thoughts - you know what to do!

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