Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday Tips

#Tuesday Tips - Weekly Tips on Resources for Creative People

I spend a lot of time researching for the work I do. I am constantly coming across resources I think would benefit others.  In fact, I am launching a website shortly for the artistic community that showcases resources and provides a "find what you need" type atmosphere among friends. (Still a few months away.)

Since I have so much access to information, I have decided that Tuesdays at Gutsy Arts will be #Tuesday Tips - just a few links to information I have found that I think readers within the creativity genre may be interested in.  Well, to be really honest, it's links I was interested in. :-)

So here goes for today: #Tuesday Tips 

(No I don't have any affiliation and I don't make any money from the links provided in Tuesday Tips)

1. Heaven is Here - I don't have a clue how I landed here.  It was on my computer this am when I went to it in a window I didn't know I had opened....wooowoooowoooowooo....(twilight zone!)
It is a book just released by Stephanie Nielson about her incredible story of a plane crash, 4 months in a coma, 80% burned body, and her new incredible life.  Lots of vid's on this site to inspire you without even buying the book.  Please don't let her religious persuasion deter you from the story - I think some people miss the amazing gifts we can receive by allowing preconceived judgements to get in the way.
2. Make a Book - I think the possibilities here are endless for a creative soul - or even someone who wants to be creative. :-)
3 Great Info on Creative Life Taken from The Musical World - At 99%.com author Scott Mc Dowell indirectly references Brian Eno (Music Producer for U2 and Talking Heads) t and his tips for creative inspiration. Some really excellent thoughts on the power of consistency and release.

Enjoy!  Let's start sharing.  If you have a tip - resource for the creative juice in all of us, be sure to leave it in the comments.  Please avoid sharing your material for sale - and let's make it all about promoting others - just for Tuesday. :-)

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