Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Get Creative Ideas

Creative Ideas -What Are You Looking At?

Birds and Cherries
So many of my students and clients ask me how they can find inspiration for creativity on a daily basis.
My suggestion is always the following: Pay Attention.

Anything that quickens you, attracts you, interests you, fascinates you has the power to be INSPIRATION.

Yesterday, besides losing my keys, I snapped things that caught my eye when out walking with my girl.
You can be sure, they will influence my art and creative writing over time.

They represent nature having a conversation with me.

Try taking mental photos of odd things that catch your eye.  Or snap a shot with your camera and look back over a week.  Notice how your eye is being caught by things - be playful, curious, adventurous.
Abundant Trunks

Light on Water

Years of History

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