Thursday, April 5, 2012

Looking For Some Good Advice?

Looking For Some Good Advice - Go For Wisdom Within

There is a quiet place for your soul to listen - Harmony Thiessen

Mini Lesson in listening.

It's easy with so many blogs to read, 24 hour radio talk shows with experts, editorial pages, chatty friends, colleagues at work and handy dandy family members to be caught up in "getting advice."

Your creative genius can in fact flourish with the guidance of a good friend or magazine article.  But don't underestimate the WISDOM FROM WITHIN.

Simple Wisdom From Within Exercise

Write down on a piece of paper:

John (Pick a name different than your own) has a problem with his wife's attitude about money (insert your own problem there, but attribute it to your imaginary friend :-) )  He's asked you to help. What questions would you ask John?

Now, Write down the questions that pop in your head.

Follow up with writing down the answers that pop in your head. 

This simple technique will help you move aside and answer questions with less inhibitions than if you were to to talk directly to yourself.  You are "coaching" someone else.

Biggest Challenge in this Technique

Getting stuck.  Forcing an answer.  If after you sit quietly for 3 or 5 minutes you are not "hearing an answer" - go get coffee, make the bed, take the dog out, brush your teeth.  Now come back, ask again.  Often we just need to move (literally and figuratively) to make room for clarity.

If you have questions or you get stuck, or simply want to tell me if it worked for you...leave me a comment below.  Want more tips - subscribe to this blog!  Thanks for stopping by.


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