Thursday, April 12, 2012

Imperfect Perfection

Do You Ever Like Something SO Much That Flaws Don't Matter?  Imperfect Perfection!

That is how I feel about my bowl.

It is far from perfect  The dimension is off on the right.  BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color and texture within it..

So I look past the flaw and see the beauty.

I do that with:

  • people who are terrific but have annoying habits
  • gorgeous yards with dog poop on the lawn
  • furniture that fits just right with scratches
  • body size after loosing 3 dress sizes but still have one more to go
  • house bound days with homemade soup on the stove
  • This is waiting for your comment below.  What do you love in spite of the flaws?
Creativity embraces the act of creation.  Sure - I know a lot of my art needs to stand up to scrutiny.

BUT GUTSY ARTS?  It's about the GUTS and the pleasure, and the passion and joy of beauty...
and flaws.

Pick up whatever you use to be creative, and do something today.  FLAW IT UP BIG TIME...and enjoy.
Enjoy the color, or the texture, or the quick speed you displayed, or the originality, or a new note you couldn't play before, or sound you didn't know existed.  Write a line filled with emotion, even if it's the wrong one for the play...

EMBRACE IT BABY! Love what you got...(love what you GUT!)


  1. That's a great attitude! :) I thinks little flaws make things perfect. Great bowl!

    1. perfection is just overrated! :-) Thanks Natasha.

  2. I love "Flaw it up big time"....I think I may commission you to create a piece of art with this message (maybe en francais so it looks tres chic)


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