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Fabulous Fridays April 28, 2012- Connections

Fabulous Fridays - April 28, 2012 - What make my life so Fabulous?

I can't believe it's FABULOUS FRIDAY already.  I had so many things to post about and then I remembered - It's our day to shout out to the Universe how grateful we are.

In honor of that I think I could summarize my week with a gratitude for connections.

Connections keep me sane.  My name is is Harmony after all, and that implies a connection, a balance, a bridge.

1. So grateful for my connection to my mother.  For many years although I longed for it, we didn't always connect well.  I wanted her to be someone different.  I wanted her to be what I I I  envisioned a mother should be. She was being Helen.  One day, I got it. I received Helen into my world.  NOT MOM. She wasn't born a mom, she was born HELEN. I fell in love with that girl, women, friend, human, person.  I adore her today more than I ever have. My love for Helen is not about what she can give me as my mom.  I love her for being who she is.  Makes me tear up just writing about it.

Petra Hoffman - More than Survived!

2. So grateful for new connections.  New people who appear in my world.  They dance in like ballerinas or elephants.  They appear when I least anticipate them.  And they flavor my world.  This week that includes a MAGICAL woman with an amazing story to tell. Her name is Petra Hoffman and she is a survivor of Hep C and is turning the world upside down!

3. Connections to myself.  I am so grateful to have and hear my own voice.  To be connected to a constant stream of creative bliss.  If I don't sense it immediately, all I need to do is 60 seconds of silence and inner direction, and bam!  There is the flow.  I am so grateful.  I hear directions, ideas, corrections, encouragement, and LOVE.  Love flows in my heart.

Your turn, tell me something making your Friday Fabulous!

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  1. another awesome post, yet again....the bit about your mom made me a bit misty-eyed, I must admit.


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