Monday, April 23, 2012

Creative Type Series - 30 Seconds to Bliss

Creative Type #2 - 30 Seconds to Bliss

a work in progress - i am loving the texture tho
Creative types tend to find ways to create, no matter how little time they have.  They must or they shrink. The creative type is always looking for ways to open, to expand, to give birth to something; an idea, a solution, a picture, a design - whatever.

Unfortunately, we don't always have hours to create.  In fact, finding AN HOUR can be challenging.  To keep yourself fit and creatively active - use the 30 Seconds to Bliss technique.

30 Seconds to Bliss Techniques

  1. Look at the time on your cell phone - and time yourself.  How many words can you think of that have "able" it it?
  2. Take a notepad and pen (or napkin - even toilet paper will do :-), time yourself and write as many names of people as you can think of that you have not spoken to in a year.
  3. Take 30 seconds and record on your cell phone as fast as you can the topics you would like to write about on your blog.
  4. Turn on the microwave timer to 30 seconds and bend - from the waist down - let your arms drop to the floor - no pressure, just as far as they can go, and let you head hang up-dside down. Don't worry about the outcome.  Just do it. Maybe try doing it several times on one day and notice the result.
  5. Look at the time on your computer (30 second segments please) and open notepad. Type out words as fast as you second guessing, any words.  Now take 3 of them and write a sentence using those words. tell me, what happened?
Okay, try one or more, and tell me how it goes. :-)

I will go first and do the 30 second type word exercise - right in front of you, no holds barred. (its a bit unfair since I have already been writing, but here goes)

giggles, spelling, sincere, happy, job, why not, go there, been there, sad, happy, joyful, distant, girlfriend, lover, single
"I got the giggles when I thought about my girlfriend, her lover and why I am single!"

What's your story? :-)

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