Monday, April 16, 2012

Today I Will Wow My Clients

My painting was not too happy with me today. She felt I hurried to get to work I think :-)
Okay so today, I am going to do my art - but ONLY A LITTLE.  It is so consuming for me (I ADMIT IT - ADDICTED TO ART), that I neglect my other work - waaaaaay too much and my clients don't deserve that.

I sit down in my office/studio, and look at the computer screen, and then at my easel.
Ah...the choice, obvious.  My ...............................easel of course!!!

It would be okay if I made money from my easel.  But until recently I was too chicken to ever tell someone I had an easel - none the less make money using it.

I know I need to WOW my precious clients today - and I will do it!

(let me just work on one more bit on this painting....:-)

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  1. I just came across your blog after commenting on Connies Dirty Footprints Blog...I love your energy, and I think this painting is funny, and true. You can make money doing your art, send it out there to the universe, and see what comes....Just you doing this is steps in the right direction. I'm talking like I know something, maybe I should follow my own advice! Go for it painting sister! Enjoy....


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