Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creative People Change Habits

Don't Like Your Habits - Chuck em! Creative People Can Change Habits

Kicking Coffee ...Kinda
There are a series of commercials on right now from some bank here in Canada that says something very simple.  The couple is walking down the street and the she says I wish we didn't have to pay bank fees and someone overhears them and says to them - "If you don't want to pay bank fees, don't pay bank fees."

I thought of how many times we say that in life.

"I don't like this or don't want to do that"

The cool part is that as CREATIVE PEOPLE, we don't have to stay stuck.
Habits are ours.  YAY.  We own them.

And like a simplicity maven, if we don't want to keep them, we can chuck them.

If you were adept enough to accrue said habit - who is keeping you from ditching the sad slop and moving on....LITERALLY NO ONE.

Certainly not you.  You and I want to change up.  And so we can.


Well I could go through the ...
it takes 21 days to change a habit
 bla bla

OR, I could assume you know that the human brain muscle requires repetition (21 days in a row worth of reps) to retrain your thinking patterns.

SO IMAGINE THAT.  One day, followed by the next, and then another, for only 21 ridiculously short (and possibly painful) days, and BAM - you are rockin new habits.

In the light of blogging transparency - here are a few habits I have changed over the years

14 Cups of coffee a day to 2 (most 3)
3 Cups of Coffee a Day to Decaf Coffee
Decaf Coffee back to 2 dark strong hits of caffeine
2 Cups of Dark strong HITS of delicious brew to 3!!!!

And that's only ONE example. Wink Wink

Seriously tho, habits are ours.  We can adopt them, love them, nurture them,  cultivate them, reject them or outright ditch their sorry bums - whenever WE the CREATIVE PEOPLE decide we want to.

A STRONG DECISION, a bit o' elbow grease, and BAM, we have a new habit.

I love Breakfast!
Right now I am developing, with great care, a habit of chocolate for breakfast. :-)

Breakfast of Champions - 1

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